Technical Requirements for Walkabouts

The web-based Walkabouts platform is designed to operate easily and effectively using standard equipment available in most classrooms. Necessary technology and equipment include an internet connection, a computer with an up-to-date browser, and an optional display or projector.


For optimal performance, configure your network settings and browsers in the following ways: 

Open Port 80 to and URL *

Plug Ins
Flash 11+ is integrated within the Walkabouts platform and should be installed on each user’s browser.

Walkabouts play on various browsers, but the system is optimized for the latest release of Google Chrome. Firefox is also supported. Internet Explorer, because of its slower speeds, is suggested as a last resort. *Flash-enabled browsers, such as Photon, are suggested for use on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. 

Internet Speeds
Classroom internet speeds of at least 2 Mbps are recommended.


AE_Walkabouts_MovingLearningBlogAccent.jpgGo Mobile with ActivEd!

Walkabouts on Your Mobile Device

The Walkabouts active learning platform is designed for use with a range of technology. A primary classroom configuration often includes set up and playback through a standard browser on a laptop or desktop computer that is connected to an interactive whiteboard. A tablet may be incorporated effectively as a station for students and can also be for student assessment.

  • Tablets running Android operating systems can access and play Walkabouts on the device's standard browser.
  • When using on an iOS (Apple) tablet, a flash-enabled browser such as Puffin or Photon is required.

Tablets or mobile devices may be especially helpful when using the assessment tool to gauge student understanding.