GIA_LEFT_FOOT.pngTeacher How-To Videos

Need some help and tips to get started? No problem! 

These short videos for teachers cover:

Logging In: Learn how to get started with Walkabouts and learn where to change your password.

An Introduction to the Dashboard: Learn about each button on the home screen.

Playing and Saving Walkabouts: Learn how to play Walkabouts, assign Walkabouts to teams, and save Walkabouts.

Printing Walksheets: Learn how to print Walksheets (worksheets) for students to complete in class or at home.

Backpack Resources Overview: Learn about playlists (groups of Walkabouts you assign to students), favorites (single Walkabouts you mark as important), and Walksheets (worksheets).

Teams and Students Overview: Creating student accounts allows students to play Walkabouts at home or on their own. Learn how to create and view student accounts and build student teams. Also, learn how to review and print assessment reports, view Walkabouts you have played with your class, and view Walkabouts students have played at home or on their own.

Replaying Walkabouts: Learn how to replay Walkabouts quickly and easily. 

Using Assessments: Learn how to use the Walkabouts platform to record which students understand the lesson and which students need help. Also, learn how to contact students' parents from within the Walkabouts platform. 

Creating Favorites: Learn how to create a favorite, a single Walkabout you mark as important

Creating Playlists: Learn how to organize groups of Walkabouts (playlists) and assign playlists to students. 

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Logging In

An Introduction to the Dashboard

Playing and Saving Walkabouts


Printing Walksheets


Backpack Resources Overview


Teams and Students Overview


Replaying Walkabouts


Using Assessments


Creating Favorites


Creating Playlists