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Science Says Your Classroom Needs More Dance Parties

Posted by Kristi Gottwalt on Jan 5, 2016 9:07:42 AM
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GIA_LEFT_FOOT.pngTeacherPop has a great article out, Science Says your Classroom Needs More Dance Parties. The article refers to the research of Dr. Laura Chaddock-Heyman, from the University of Illinois-Champaign. Chaddock-Heyman focuses on how exercise relates to brain development of children. From the article, the research points out three highlights on how dance parties can help classrooms:

  1. Brain structure. Higher fit children have larger brain volumes in the hippocampus and basal ganglia, which relate to superior performance on tasks of memory and cognitive control, compared to their lower fit peers.
  2. Structural integrity. Higher fit children show greater white matter structural integrity, which is associated with faster and more efficient communication of signals throughout the brain.
  3. Brain function. The brain scans of fit vs. unfit kids show differences in brain activation during activities requiring concentration. The scans showed how the brain “lights up” differently while more active children performed the same activities as less active children.

Here at Walkabouts, we couldn't agree more! Our founder, Dr. Julian Reed, has done extensive research on the similar topics. It's the science behind our product, Walkabouts. Want to learn more? Download the research!

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