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At ActivEd, we understand that most students learn better while moving (and we have the research to prove it). Having fun and being active makes learning more engaging. Our 7-10 minute web-based lessons are guided by characters Jax and Gia and are designed to promote active learning for pre-K through second grate students. Each lesson is based on a specific standard. Additionally, the lessons are movement-rich and animated in kid-friendly colors. Don't take our word for it, see examples lesson below.


In this Walkabout, Gia guides students through a lesson on the math concept of categorizing by attributes.



Follow Jax through the city as he walks students through counting by 10 and counting to 100. 


First Grade

Follow Jax through the city in this lesson on expressing the length of an object.


Second Grade

Students learn about using irregular plural nouns in this Walkabout through the city with Gia. 


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