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Using Movement-Based EdTech to Engage Students

3 Professional Development Books to Make You a Tech-Savvy Educator

Kids who Exercise Spend Less on Medical Bills

Using Visuals to Support Learning in Math

Infographic: The ABCs of Early Childhood Education

How Can Yoga Benefit Students?

Bringing Healthy Foods into Schools

Funding Walkabouts through PledgeCents

School Wellness Programs

Continue learning at home with Walkabouts

Moving and learning work well together

Implementing Walkabouts in your school or classroom

Exploring the benefits of physical activity for students diagnosed with ADHD

Youth wellness program success

Importance of recess for elementary school students

Heart-healthy tips for Valentine's Day

Keep kids learning during inclement weather

Making healthy choices in and out of the classroom

Educators gather for SC Early Childhood Association (SCECA) conference

Walkabouts correlated to state and national standards

Students Moving and Learning with Walkabouts Program

Recess is more than just fun!

Fun, comfort with exercise helps young people with conditions such as autism and ADHD remain active

The importance of leveraging ed tech in gym class

Be healthy & fit Friday: Farm-to-school meals

Assigning a Walkabout

Be healthy & fit Friday: Kids are eating healthier, but...

Inclusive Schools Week

Be healthy & fit Friday: Thanksgiving Calories

Be healthy & fit Friday: Childhood obesity screening

COMMENTARY: When we feel better we do better

Be healthy & fit Friday: Dinner and TV?

Walkabouts increase focus and decrease hyperactivity

South Carolina is looking for solutions on obesity

Be healthy & fit Friday: Halloween candy

What is a Walksheet?

Be healthy & fit Friday: 5 ways to prevent childhood obesity

Be healthy & fit Friday: CrossFit in schools

Celebrate Unity Day with Movement!

Be healthy & fit Friday: The Healthy Living Plate

Infographic: Healthy body, healthy mind

Integrate active learning into your school for free!

Fight Obesity with Alliance for a Healthier Generation!

Infographic: The benefits of physically active students

More research on the benefits of Walkabouts!

Screen time vs. lean time!

Counting the benefits of teaching math to 3-year-olds

Why use Walkabouts for kids with #ADHD?

Standing desks improve BMI in children

Playground zoning leads to more active playtime for school-aged children

Numbers show continuing decline in youth sports participation

Bring active learning to #SXSWedu!

Looking for a way to fund Walkabouts at your school?

The Best Sports for Kids with ADHD

The Body Is a Tool of Learning

A Parents' Guide to Physical Education Class

Are young children losing the brain-boosting benefits of playtime?

Pokémon GO Workouts?

The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity

Make Long-Lasting Memories This Independence Day!

A Protein that Moves from Muscle to Brain May Tie Exercise to Memory

THE Journal's #ISTE16 Conference Preview

Finding Success with Afterschool Physical Education Programs

Fit classrooms: Exercise moves from gym to desk

Join Us for an #ISTE16 #Walkup!

Great #ISTE16 Presentation on Active Learning

Heading to #ISTE16? So Are We!

Progress on Childhood Obesity

New Research on Active Learning

More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky’s black-white achievement gap is widening

New Poll on Standardized Testing

Using Formative Assessment in Your Classroom

How Are Kinesthetic Learning and ADD and ADHD Diagnoses Connected?

How Can Movement Help Children with ADD and ADHD?

Who Are Kinesthetic Learners?

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Attending #NYSAEYC? Stop by booth 22 to meet Charley!

What Is an Integrated Curriculum?

Research shows Walkabouts reduce inatttention and hyperactivity

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What Are Activity Breaks?

How Is Physical Activity Linked to Improved Academic Performance?

What Can a 10-Minute Activity Break Do in Your Classroom?

What Does Current Brain Research Tell Us About Movement?

Infographic: Recognizing Students’ Learning Styles

Free E-Book on Movement in the Classroom

New Research on the Importance of Active Learning

Looking for Support to Get Students Moving in California?

What do Educators Say About Walkabouts?

Kids learn more when they exercise during lessons!

Movement and ADHD Students

Can Yoga Make a Difference in Student Outcomes?

Does More Physical Education Equal Higher Math Scores?

Infographic: The Importance of Early Childhood Education

School in Indianapolis Is Building Leaner Kids to Increase Learning

Heading to the #CCIRA conference? Meet up with ActivEd!

World Health Organization Alarmed at Number of Obese and Overweight Children Under Five

Tripling recess causes excellent results!

The power of formative assessments

Science Says Your Classroom Needs More Dance Parties

Understanding the learning styles of your students

The importance of recess

Infographic: Making the grade: Why classroom movement gets an A+

1 in 5 American Kids Has Abnormal Levels of Cholesterol

Want healthier kids? Integrate exercise into the classroom!

Inter-generational physical education classes

Keep Students on Task Before Winter Break

Looking for Classroom Fitness Activities?

Need Help Keeping Students on Task Before Winter Break?

Competition: How does your district stand out?

Identifying Kinesthetic Learners

Looking to get students moving this Thanksgiving?

Infographic: Movement and Learning

Video: Pedal Power Fuels Brain Power

11 Funding Sources for Active Learning

Heading to #iahperd15?

Infographic: The More They Burn the Better They Learn

Infographic: Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning

10 Ways to Make Your Kids Smarter

Study: Daily Physical Education Improves Thinking and Fitness

Infographic: Summative Vs. Formative Assessment

Infographic: Promoting Quality Physical Education

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Infographic: 7 Styles of Learning

Meet Up With the Walkabout Team!

The Research Behind Walkabouts

Make Reading and Math Fun for First Grade Students

Keep Kindergartners Active While Learning With Walkabouts

Use Walkabouts to Help Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Looking for Fun Second Grade Math, Reading, and Language Arts Lessons?

Beyond Brain Breaks

Using Walkabouts for Formative Assessment

5 Fast Facts about Walkabouts

Make Pre-Kindergarten Fundamentals Fun with Walkabouts

Infographic: Kids Need 60 Minutes a Day of Physical Activity

Activate your curriculum! 

Make learning fun and improve outcomes

Walkabouts are online adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading fundamentals into standards-based, movement-rich lessons for Pre-K through second grade students. At ActivEd, we know that kids learn more, are more engaged, and are healthier when they are active both in and out of the classroom. 


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